Cerita Roro Jonggrang dalam Bahasa Inggris [DIALOG]

Cerita Roro Jonggrang dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Roro Jonggrang dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Pemain :
1. Roro Jonggrang
2. Bandung Bondowoso
3. Patih Gupolo
4. Dayang
5. Jin

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Roro Jonggrang, The creation of the Prambanan temple

Once upon a time in ancient times in Prambanan, Central Java, stood two Hindu kingdoms namely the Pengging Kingdom and the Boko Palace. The Pengging Kingdom was led by a wise king, Prabu Damar Moyo. And has a son named Raden Bandung Bondowoso. The Boko Palace was in the territory of the Pengging kingdom ruled by an intangible human king, Prabu Boko who had a beautiful princess named princess Roro Jonggrang. Keraton Boko has a giant Patih, Patih Gupolo. Prabu Boko wanted to rule the Pengging Kingdom, so he and Patih Gupolo gathered strength and gathered provisions to colonize Pengging.

Patih Gupolo: Who are you, young man? it looks like you are not a citizen of this kingdom.

Bandung Bondowoso: Indeed not! I am Raden Bandung Bondowoso, son of Prabu Damar Moyo from Pengging kingdom. My purpose for coming here is to avenge my father against your king. Because you have made our people suffer.

Patih Gupolo: Perfect. Because I will also take over your kingdom. I will make you a prisoner and force the king of kings to abdicate.

Bandung Bondowoso: Don’t dream of beating my supernatural powers.

Cerita Roro Jonggrang in English

The fierce battle lasted a long time. With the results of the Kingdom of Pengging, he won. Prabu Boko, the king of Boko Palace was killed at the hands of Raden Bandung Bondowoso. The Boko Palace troops that were left in disarray returned to the kingdom, which was secretly followed by Bandung Bondowoso.

Patih Gupolo: (How is this? My army is getting less. It’s better for us to all retreat and return to the kingdom). Bring the King back to the Kingdom. Save the King.

Bandung Bondowoso: Attack them all. I will kill Prabu Boko. Finish off all the opponents you meet.

Patih Gupolo: Prabu. Prabu Oh no!! no! I will return to the kingdom to report this to the princess.

Bandung Bondowoso: Finally, I can avenge my father and also for my people. I will follow you wherever you go Patih Gupolo.

Seeing the king died, the governor of Gupolo escaped and Raden Bandung Bondowoso chased the governor to the Boko Palace. Arriving in the kingdom of Boko …

Patih Gupolo: Princess … princess. Is there anyone here? Bodyguard? Court Lady? Princess … Princess

Dayang: What’s wrong Patih? Why do you look restless and in a hurry.

Patih Gupolo: Wretch. The king was killed and the kingdom was defeated by the enemy. Hurry and tell Princess Roro Jonggrang.

Dayang: Good Patih.

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Some time later after the court lady found the Princess.

Dayang: princess .. princess (while hurrying)

Roro Jonggrang: What’s wrong ladies? What has happened?

Dayang: Prabu Boko was killed by his enemy, Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jongrang: There’s no way my father could be defeated, let alone be killed. Where is Patih Gupolo? I want to meet him Patih, Is it true that Father is gone?

Patih Gupolo: Yes, princess … His Majesty the King is gone. He was killed by Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jongrang: Really?

Patih Gupolo: Yes, Princess … Raja Pengging and his son, Bandung Bondowoso and his army have finished this noble Boko Kingdom.

Roro Jongrang: Just look at my revenge later! I do not accept !!

In the midst of a conversation between Roro Jongrang and Dayang, suddenly a young man named Bandung Bondowoso arrived at the Boko Palace. When he arrived at the Boko palace he was surprised to see the beautiful princess.

Bandung Bondowoso: O beautiful princess what is your name?

Roro Jonggrang: I am the daughter of Roro Jonggrang.

Dayang: who are you, very presumptuous of you towards princesses.

Bandung Bondowoso: I am Raden Bandung Bondowoso, son of the kingdom of Pengging.

Dayang: Princess isn’t she the one who killed your father (whispering to the princess)

Roro Jonggrang: Really? You are really cruel!

Bandung Bondowoso: Hahaha Now this kingdom has become mine. But to govern this kingdom I need an empress to accompany me. And you turned out to be very beautiful. You deserve to be my empress. Will you be my queen, princess?

Roro Jonggrang: Not willing. I don’t want to be close to you, how can I become your queen.

Cerita Roro Jonggrang dalam bahasa Inggris

Bandung bondowoso: If you are my companion. You can also have this kingdom. So you don’t need to get out of this kingdom, and live well with me. How are you interested?

Roro Jonggrang: Not fixed at all. Are you deaf?

Bandung bondowoso: Good. Please get out of my kingdom. Go away from here and don’t ever set your foot here again.

Without speaking Roro Jongrang immediately left Bondowoso because of his frustration with Bondowoso who killed his father. Roro Jongrang was still devastated by the war that left his father killed.

Dayang: Princess … Is the princess still sad?

Roro Jonggrang: Certainly ladies in waiting. I hate Bondowoso who killed my father.

Dayang: What if the princess also avenges Bandung Bondowoso?

Roro Jonggrang: Yes. I agree. But, how do I avenge my anger.

Dayang: Looks like Bandung likes princess. What if you cheat and reclaim the princess’ throne.

Roro Jonggrang: That good idea. I’ll get it (smiling and refreshed)

Roro Jonggrang returned to Boko Palace to meet Bandung Bondowoso. And the princess starts her game with Bandung.

Roro Jonggrang: Bandung. Bandung Bondowoso. Out you?

Bandung Bondowoso: Wow. Princess. What did you come here for?

Roro Jonggrang: I came here to accept your offer back then. I want to be your queen.

Bandung Bondowoso: Good. That’s the smart choice of the princess.

Roro Jonggrang: But, I have a condition for you to be able to have me.

Bandung Bondowoso: What is that? I will fulfill all your conditions.

Roro Jonggrang: It’s easy. Make me a thousand temples in one night. The temple must be finished before the sun rises. If you can’t, you must give this kingdom back to me. Are you willing?

Bandung Bondowoso: Alright. I will fulfill your wish.

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After hearing the wishes of Roro Jonggrang, Bandung then headed for the haunted forest in the kingdom of pengging to meet the jinns that he usually asked for help. Bandung imprisoned to call the jinn.

Bandung Bondowoso: O jinn come to me, come here I want to ask for your help. Come to me.

Jin: What is it that noble wants to see us?

Bandung Bondowoso: I want to ask all of you to help me make a thousand temples in one night. Can you help me?

Jin: That’s easy. We will make a noble request.

Bandung Bondowoso: Good. Now do it fast.

Story Roro Jonggrang in English

The genie also called in a few more friends to help him build a thousand temples. The jinns did the job very quickly. By midnight half the number of temples had been completed. The court lady who knew the temple was almost finished immediately reported to Roro Jongrang.

Dayang: Princess … the making of a thousand temples by Bandung Bondowoso is almost complete.

Roro Jongrang: What? I must prevent it so that the temple was never made.

Dayang: Calm down princess … there must be a way out

Roro Jongrang: Alright court lady, wake up other ladies before dawn. And tell them to burn straw and pound rice in the rice field, and disturb all the roosters that are there so that they all crow.

Dayang: Fine. Princess!

The ladies in waiting woke up the other ladies-in-waiting and told them to burn straw and pound rice in the fields and disturb all the roosters that they were all crowing, as ordered by Roro Jongrang.

Kukuruyuukk kukuruyuukk !!! (the sound of a rooster sounds)

Bandung Bondowoso: What’s going on here? Why is there a rooster crowing at a time like this?

Story of Roro Jonggrang

Jin: Hi, Jinns! Why is there the sound of cock crowing. Looks like the sun is about to rise. Look at the girls also have begun pounding rice fields. Let’s go!

Bandung Bondowoso: hey. What are you doing? quickly finish your work. quick

Jin: Forgive us your honor. The sun has risen so we have to go otherwise we will burn out. (Jin-jin flies leaving the temple that was almost finished)

Cerita Roro Jonggrang in English

The jinn left their jobs. The temples are just a little more finished. Roro Jongrang looks happy because the plan is successful and Bandung Bondowoso cannot fulfill its requirements. On the other hand, Bandung Bondowoso was very disappointed because he could not make Roro Jongrang his consort. But Bondowoso was even more disappointed and angry after learning of Roro Jongrang’s plan, which deliberately thwarted his efforts.

Roro Jonggrang: How was it? Has my wish been fulfilled? I’ll make sure on my own. Court Lady, let’s count the temples that have been made in Bandung. (while walking around counting temples)

Dayang: Fine. Princess

Some time later after Roro Jonggrang and Dayang finished counting the number of temples that were successfully created by Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jonggrang: What is this? Which thousand temples do I want? why only 999 temples are there?

Bandung Bondowoso: O Roro Jongrang, why are you so cunning? You have thwarted my efforts to realize a thousand temples that remain lacking one more temple because of your cunning and your ladies-in-waiting! You have angered me. Become you as a statue in the 1000th temple and your ladies-in-waiting will not get married until they are old!

Dayang: Princess what happened to you?

Roro Jonggrang: What is this? Bandung, what are you doing to me? Oh no. What is this? Nooooooooooooooooo!

Finally, Roro Jonggrang also took the statue to complete the 1000th temple due to the promise made and the cunning of Roro Jonggrang.

Itulah tadi Cerita Roro Jonggrang dalam Bahasa Inggris yang menceritakan terjadinya Candi Prambanan.

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